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Hallo mein freunde

Halli, ich bin Bela B. I am from the best band in the world Die Ärzte, and I am the drummer! I was put in here by Cara, which I don't mind as she's my bitch (no, I don't care if she's engaged, she's SO my Bela-bitch), even Amanda says so.

I am good friends with Jason Isaacs, we get along very well. Though I'm very worried about how he and Alan Rickman have a nail salon. But at least they help me with my English, so I do not look foolish.

I may be trapped here against my will, but I'm having fun and doing the sperm-stare-tnago with Cara is always a delight (her pink hair and piercings make me so happy, I like influencing how people look).

Guten abend...
Bela B

P.S. I'm German, in case you were wondering!
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