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A Drum Kit?

"Hmm . . ." Amanda stands at the door way to her wardrobe, wondering what was actually going on.

Tori, Allison and Janal had Brad tied doen in the nail salon (much to Alan's and Jason's disgust) and were painting his nails blue, red and white. The Mexican was practising his explosions in the corner (" . . .wiiiiith paaaaaaaasion . . .") while various others tried to catch up on their sleep.

Except for Ben Folds. Not only was he sitting at his piano with a big smile on his face, but he seemed to have brought company.

"Um," Amanda said, "Do you really think there's room in here for all those guitars and a drum kit?"

"But that's not all," Ben Folds said. "I brought along my friends - Ben Lee and Ben Kweller. And Claire Danes, too. You should watch her dance."

"A drum kit?" Amanda repeated, her eyes straying over to her next potential licking victim.

"Well we were going to sneak out every night to watch videos - but your living room's just too cold." Ben Kweller piped up.

"Yeah," Ben Lee agreed, "even the sexual tension between Folds and I couldn't heat it up."

"Hey!" Alan protested. "That was my gig! That was a land mark movie. I got the death scene over and done with before the movie even started."

Amanda shook her head and pointed at Alan and Jason, "Okay, the drum kit can stay - but you two better get out of those clothes and give up the idea of recreating Chicago!"

Jason pouted and ran his hand over his silver sparkly costume - "Oh, Amanda."

Alan shimmied, his black sequins going everywhere. "We were only steps away from finding a Voldemort to play Billy Flynn, too."

"And whole rows of death eaters doing the Charleston." Jason added.

At this the Three Bens picked up their instruments and started playing. The entire wardrob put itself into lines and began to sing . . .

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, they both, oh yes they both, oh yes they both reached for,
The gun, the gun, the gun, the gun, oh yes, they both reached for the gun, for the gun . . ."
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