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Finding the Good

Alright, so 2003 may not have been the best year (massive understatement) but I can think of a few good things that happened to us. So the plan is to list them here, and you guys can add your own . . . *g*

1. The creation of The Wardrobe and all of its occupants
2. Liz graduated from university and never has to learn latin again unless she wants to
3. Amanda and Cara make real plans towards being in Germany this time next year
4. Cheryl gets back into dancing
5. Kim gets up the nerve to write fan fic and it's great!
6. Most of us dabble in different fandoms (BMW, Peter Pan, Spooks, Billy Elliott, Squid . . . anyone?)
7. Weaves and Melina finish NaNo - Liz participated and enjoyed herself
8. Amanda, Cara and Liz got real grown up jobs!
9. OotP came out (finally)
10. We're all alive, mostly healthier, with new (or renewed) interests and obsessions (Liz put down that limerick about the giant sqid. You too Weaves.) that prove how much we've grown as people during the last year. In other words - we made it!

Have a wonderful, happy, safe and prosperous new year everyone
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